As I promised myself, yesterday was packing day, so Alainna and I headed to the master bedroom and began pulling clothes out of the closet. Of course everything had to be tried on — just to make certain that it not only fit but might still fit after eating out for 15+ days! Alainna was the ultimate slave-driver, never letting me stop until we had everything selected, including desert clothes with tote (bright orange) and hat. Everything is piled on the bed in some semblance of order waiting to be rolled up and placed in the suitcase. But, will it all fit?!

Will this all fit in the suitcase?


Unbelievably enough, everything fit in the suitcase with room left over for a stack of coathangers (there are never enough available on a cruise) as well as most of the dining room tables items including travel iron, converter, extra protein bars, etc. Also packed is a small carry-on for the plane just in case the luggage doesn’t arrive as planner. At least we’ll have a couple changes of clothes and something to wear to bed!

Everything fit, including coathangers!

Having a change of clothes available was not an option on a trip a couple decades ago to the island of Terre de Haute off Guadalupe. In our infinite wisdom, we packed three suitcases for that two-week Caribbean island vacation — 1 with my clothes, 1 with Denny’s clothes, and 1 with books, cameras, miscellaneous. Only two suitcases arrived — mine and the book suitcase. Since no one in the airport spoke English, Denny used his very limited knowledge of French to convey information about our missing purple suitcase and where we were staying (not on the main island of Guadalupe where we landed). The baggage official appeared to understand, so we left the airport with fingers crossed.

The only clothes Denny had to wear on this hot tropical island were his travel clothes — long-sleeve dress shirt, blazer, khakis, socks, and loafers. When we finally arrived at our paradise hotel room surrounded by tropical foliage and just a short, scenic walk from the beach, I immediately changed into hot weather clothes for dinner and was wonderfully comfortable. Denny removed socks and blazer then rolled up shirt sleeves and managed to be fairly comfortable for dinner. The next morning as we prepared to head to the beach, there was a major crisis when we again remembered Denny had no appropriate clothing. We could see the beach and its occupants from our porch, and it appeared the men were wearing practically nothing. They had on the tiniest bikini bottoms, practically thongs, (and this was 20+ years ago!) that we’d ever seen. At the time I had two bikinis with me — we both went to the beach in appropriate beach wear — I’ll let readers figure out how that was managed…

The missing suitcase appeared at our room door two days after we arrived. It was with great relief that Denny unpacked and enjoyed wearing shorts, sandals and his own swim trunks!


7 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Who’s going on a cruise? YOU ARE! Give me a C!…..Give me an R!…Ra Ra Ra! (Psst….I made sure there would be enough room in that suitcase for me)

    1. You’re the best — thank you for all your help getting ready! I’ll open my suitcase carefully when I get there, so you don’t spill out on the floor! Maybe we can fit a gift for you in that space… Love you!

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