Cruising – Day 4

Today began very late for me, as I was exhausted and opted to sleep in until 12:30 when Denny woke me up to head to passport control for our floor. Although our passports were returned the day after we boarded, evidently there was still a procedure to go through before we reach Israel. We presented our passports on board and received a stamped visa for Israel that is a separate page not part of our passports. Our understanding of this is that it’s a protection for us in future in case we go into an Arab country — they won’t see an Israeli passport stamp.

After a light lunch in the dining room, we headed to the spa where I made a reservation for a Hot stones massage for tomorrow – yum!

I should mention at this point why I slept in and why we had a light lunch today. We went to Chops Grill onboard last night and had a fantastic dinner, however I was in a food coma after eating! I had some fresh rye bread, a shrimp cocktail with jumbo shrimp, a salad with glazed beets, Alaskan halibut, lightly sautéed crimini mushrooms, haricot vert, and a berry mix for dessert. That’s more food than I need for three day! Denny had a similar meal except he had a 10oz fillet. We decided one visit a cruise there is more than enough!

This afternoon was spent reading and dozing (Denny) before time to get ready for formal night tonight. We had a delightful meal then changed out of our finery to go to the casino for a bit before heading to bed.

Tomorrow is the massage and more relaxing before arriving in Israel on Thursday. The clock was turned another hour ahead today, so we’re now 7 hours ahead of Eastern time.


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