Cruising –Day 5

Today was another sleep-in day for me until 10 am, then it was off to the spa for an hour’s hot stone massage. What a marvelous and decadent experience — may have to do it again before this trip ends!

We had lunch in the main dining room and enjoyed the “tutti” salad bar once again. It’s great fun to sit with 6 -8 other people from all over the world and chat at lunch. Our afternoon was a lazy one again before the usual dinner time. Dinner was excellent as always! We spent a short time in the casino before heading back to the room for the night.

It’s been impossible to get on the Internet today, since we’re at sea and loads of people are trying or use it at once.

Tomorrow we’re in Israel and are taking a long half-day tour to Jerusalem to see the Wailing Wall among other things. Friday we’re going to the Dead Sea.


4 thoughts on “Cruising –Day 5

  1. live it up, you deserve all kinds of pampering but in view of your usual diet, your system probably got real shock with that Chops Grill lunch!!!

  2. You’re right! My system is going to need some re-setting once I get home, no question about it! They were super nice at Chops and lightly sautéed veggies for me, but I ate way more food than usual. Need to get back to my regular diet and the gym.

  3. I wish we were there! Sounds like you are really enjoying the cruise. It is fun to have lunch with other people from around the world, isn’t it? I like that, too. What is a tutti salad again? Just veggies and fruit that make you toot? Sounds actually like you’re doing pretty well with your eating plan. Mine, I think, will go all to hell on the cruise. I hope not, but I have not much restraint with all that food around. thinking of you often. Keep posting!! dona

    1. It would be great fun if you were here, too! This is a great cruise — love the Mediterranean! Tutti salad is in the main dining room at lunch time only. In addition to the menu you have a salad bar option where you walk along and point to the items you want in your salad while someone behind the table makes it for you. There are lots of great choices including salmon, although I’m about “salmoned” out now! When do you leave on your Disney cruise? Hugs!

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