Cruising — Day 8

Last night our scheduled departure from Israel was delayed from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am due to a technical problem with the side propeller. The late departure has resulted in the captain trying to make up some time by sailing at maximum speed of 20.9 knots. We arrive in Turkey in the morning about an hour and a half late, so he obviously made up some time. It was announced tonight at dinner that we’ll be leaving Turkey an hour later than originally planned which will leave us with a little spice shopping time after our shore excursion.

Today was very relaxing and included mainly eating three meals in the dining room, checking our bill to date, getting a bit more Internet time, and reading. Simple and satisfying — we definitely needed the down time after two long days in Israel!

Tomorrow is another all-day adventure, this time to Ephesus, Didyma, and Miletus, Turkey — this includes a Turkish luncheon. Should be fun!


4 thoughts on “Cruising — Day 8

    1. Haven’t located the rose oil yet, we’re hoping to find it in Turkey — will let you know how it went when we return tonight. Cross your fingers on the spices and oil! Looking forward to dinner with you Thursday night! Miss you & love you, mwah!

  1. Such an interesting day you had in Israel yesterday! Glad you arrived in Turkey safely. Ephesus was one of my favorites. I think you will both find the excavated ruins very interesting!

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