Cruising — Athens, Greece

As our cruise nears its end, we’re plan to continue to enjoy every moment for the next few days and are anticipating a return to the Mediterranean, hopefully in the Fall of 2013.

Today’s excursion was to the city of Athens for a visit to the Acropolis consisting of four ancient buildings — the Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike, Erechtheion, and the Propylaea — high above the city. We hiked up the many steps and sloping walk-ways to get to the top of the Acropolis — what an amazing view of Athens from there! Restoration of the Parthenon is in progress, although the structure is so imposing as it is, we had no trouble picturing how it must have been “back in the day.” Walking on the Acropolis plateau can be treacherous with the uneven surfaces and mixture of original stones and newer paving materials, however it provided yet another excuse to hold hands (as if we needed an excuse…). Neither of us thought we’d ever see this imposing wonder, so today was definitely special.

Before releasing us to eat and shop in the Plaka the bus took us around downtown Athens while the guide pointed out several buildings and statues important in today’s Athens. The Plaka is an area of winding narrow cobblestone streets in the older part of Athens on the North slope of the Acropolis. All types of shops are available and ready to empty one’s wallet, and dozens of quaint restaurants are ready to fill one’s stomach after the rigors of shopping. We’ve had perfect weather every day, and today was no exception!

Since this was a great opportunity for us to try traditional Greek food, Denny had a lamb kabob, while I had a Greek salad followed by a gigantic piece of baklava — yum! Denny tried the local beer, and I tried the house white wine. We were not disappointed with anything at the restaurant! After lunch we poked around several shops, as we headed in the general direction of where we were to meet our bus.

The short return trip to the ship went very quickly, as I dozed the whole way. We’re back in our room relaxing before this evening begins.

Tomorrow is our last full day at sea, so we’ll work on catching up on sleep, eating more and generally relaxing. There may be a massage in the schedule, we’ll see!


6 thoughts on “Cruising — Athens, Greece

  1. Your blog makes me want to be there! Did you love the plaka shopping? That’s Angee and my favorite place! Have a fun restful day tomorrow. How could you not on a cruise? Love ya

  2. I just saw an ad for antiquity cruises so I guess that was the theme for yours. What a wonderful opportunity to see so many of the great ones. Go ahead , have that massage.

  3. While our cruise wasn’t advertised as an antiquity cruise, it certainly was! We both loved seeing all the Roman ruins — wish all ancient history classes could visit here, as it would certainly give them a great appreciation for this part of the world. Today’s our last day, and it’s a long one with a ten hour excursion. We’ll be pooped, but happy, puppies tonight. Much love!

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