Cruising — Day 11

Our last day of cruising — today was spent doing little but relaxing and eating! I slept in until 10 am, while Denny went to breakfast. He set up an appointment for us at 10:30 to book another cruise for next year and to take advantage of the benefits of booking while on the ship that include a lower deposit rate per person as well as the ability to change the cruises anytime up to 90 days before the sail date and receive a full refund or rebook a different cruise. It’s a win-win offer (there’s more to it than mentioned here), so we ended up booking two cruises for next year, back-to-back to the Greek islands, something I’ve always wanted to do. We may do one and re-book the second for a totally different cruise or do them both — it’s so exciting to have an upcoming cruise to plan for and anticipate!

After booking the cruises we went to play bingo for the first time on this cruise. There were four games played this morning, and I won the second one receiving $79 and change. That more than paid for our bingo cards!

At lunch in the dining room we sat with two retired prison guards from northern Florida and a couple from Detroit, so the conversation was extremely interesting. After lunch it was time to further relax, so we went back to the room, where I began packing and almost finished. Somehow the day passed so quickly that I didn’t fit that massage in that I mentioned yesterday.

Tonight was the third formal night, so Denny enjoyed wearing his tux for the third time in less than two weeks, enjoying it as much this time as the first (and looking as handsome as ever).

Before bed tonight we turn the clock back an hour to Rome time making us six hours ahead of Eastern time. Our tour tomorrow from Naples to Capri by boat, on to Sorrento by boat for lunch, and then to Pompeii begins at 7:15 am. Thank goodness we get an extra hour’s sleep tonight!

This has not been a particularly relaxing cruise, however it’s been amazing, educational and eye-opening. We’d both highly recommend it to anyone! We head for home on Thursday arriving in the evening then sleeping in Friday to begin getting ourselves acclimated back to Florida time. Tomorrow night will be our last post from the trip — however all trip photos will be posted, hopefully over the weekend, so check in again on Sunday or Monday!


2 thoughts on “Cruising — Day 11

  1. Oh, no, it’s coming to a close. I hate those last 2 days because I know it’s getting closer to gettinmg off the ship. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful trip……………with 2 more cruises to look forward to next year. Wow! You’ll really have a lot to look forward to. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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