In the summer of 1960 Denny spent two months in Europe traveling with a group of college students, all of them enjoying the new sights, tastes and experiences.  One of the cities they visited, and which very much impressed Denny, was Rome.  In the almost forty years of our marriage he has said many times that he wants to take me to Rome to share the Spanish Steps, the Fountain of Trevi, the Vatican Museum, and the Forum with me.  Although we hoped for many years we could travel there together, this dream trip had to wait through the birth and raising of our wonderful children, the demands of our jobs, Denny’s retirement and our move to Florida.

Finally, though, our Rome dream trip is becoming a reality.  Denny has spent weeks culling information from the Internet on the best modes of transportation, restaurants to accomodate raw or vegetarian diets (mine), and history of the various sites.  Almost daily several printed pages appear on top of my most recent book, so I can read about one of the amazing places we’ll be visiting.  Thank you, my love, for spending so much time gathering information to share with me and for this amazing trip!

And we’re not “just” going to Rome for 3 days, we’re adding to that dream with a 12-night Mediterranean cruise that will take us to ancient lands we’ve only read about and neither of us has visited.  Our first stop, and a destination at the top of our “bucket list” is Egypt — land of the blazing sun, 100+ degree days, sand, pyraminds, the Sphinx, Cairo, the Valley of the Kings and dysentary.  We’ll be carrying food with us and plan not to ride on any camels (you can get on, but the owners won’t let you off until you pay an exorbitant fee).

We’re visiting many other ancient sites during our cruise, please visit our blog frequently for photos and trip highlights.  We’ll do our best to post every day or two, so you can vicariously travel with us!



5 thoughts on “Dreaming…

  1. Marilynne. The day you left is when Cairo started having terrible riots. They look awful on t.v. A place you wouldn’t want to be. We are following on the news. We were SO disappointed for you guys but that is such an awesome cruise itinerary, anyway. What is your new destination? While in Sicily, are you going to see the catacombs? That was unbelievable to see. I think you said tomorrow is Malta. That is my very favorite island ever, although I was sick when we were there from eating lunch on the Nile the day before. Can’t wait to see what you think about the quaintness of it. We think about you guys a lot. Keep the blog going!

    1. Even though we were sad to learn Egypt was cancelled, we’re very glad the cruise line chose not to put its passengers in harms way. there’s a huge group of over 600 people doing a tour with E O (Education Opportunities) doing a “Paul” cruise with a well-known author and Biblical scholar. You might want to check into this nondenominational group online for other travel/educational opportunities! Love to you, thanks for caring!

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