Cruising — Day 8

Last night our scheduled departure from Israel was delayed from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am due to a technical problem with the side propeller. The late departure has resulted in the captain trying to make up some time by sailing at maximum speed of 20.9 knots. We arrive in Turkey in the morning about an […]

Cruising –Day 5

Today was another sleep-in day for me until 10 am, then it was off to the spa for an hour’s hot stone massage. What a marvelous and decadent experience — may have to do it again before this trip ends! We had lunch in the main dining room and enjoyed the “tutti” salad bar once […]

Cruising -Day 1

Saturday the 15th was a fairly relaxing day that began with breakfast for the third day on the rooftop of our hotel. They had thin-sliced chocolate cake again which I must confess to having tried, although I didn’t eat it all. We went to the shopping area to select a couple gifts then went back […]